Often times you’ll hear the BI team and report authors refer to “dev”, “QA”, and “prod” or “production”. These are three separate but very similar reporting environments.

DEV: The dev environment is a safe place to work on new reports. It is a place where you can make mistakes, even accidentally take down an entire system, without causing serious problems. The first time you save a report, you always save it to reportdev.tennessee.edu.

QAS: QAS stands for “Quality Assurance Services”. This is a place that is very similar to the production environment and is intended for testing of “fully baked” reports. This is a good place to put reports when you need to have subject matter experts verify, when you need to test performance issues, etc.

PROD: Prod or production is the “real” reporting environment. This is the environment that contains our real data pulled from our real information systems. It is the reporting environment that is used day to day by report consumers. We protect this environment from down time by ensuring that we only put in prod those reports that have been tested in QAS.