Understanding Power BI Pro vs. Free

How do I know if I need Power BI Pro?

Power BI comes with two license options:

  • The “free” license comes with Office 365 and incurs no additional expense, thus it is available to all faculty and staff.
  • The “pro” license incurs an additional expense and provides additional features, mostly related to sharing content.

Feature comparison

Free Pro
Use of Power BI Desktop
Publishing reports to the cloud
Data imported from various sources
Dashboards including SSRS reports
Live connections to on-campus databases
Data refreshed more often than 1x daily
Scheduled refreshes from on-campus data
Data displayed based on individual user’s permissions
Collaborate using Office 365 Groups
Manage access and sharing through Active Directory
Total data storage quota 1 GB 10 GB
Additional charge per user $0 $23/year*

* Additional charge per user is approximate; precise cost will be provided if you request Pro.

Requesting Power BI Pro

If you would like to use Power BI Pro, please contact Kathy Hinkle.  We will provide to you an order form that will request information such as the netids of the individual(s) receiving Pro and the accounts to charge for the annual fee.  Pro licenses will typically be provisioned on the first day of the month following the order submission.  Pro licenses are renewed annually in January of each year unless cancelled.