Projects may be requested by University personnel via the Office 365 UTSA BI Project Request Form.

Project Acceptance Criteria

We typically say yes when:

  • The request has a high value in terms of return on investment of our effort
  • The request benefits a UTSA office or offices at multiple campuses
  • Scope is clearly defined
  • Request falls within a service documented in our service catalog
  • Request can be tied back to at least one item of the BI mission
  • Supports decision making

We typically say no when:

  • Request comes from a campus entity and a campus IT, BI, or IR unit has not been asked or has not declined to take on the project
  • Expected to only ever benefit a single campus-based office
  • Scope is ill defined
  • Request is not within our service catalog
  • Required timeline is not reasonable or feasible (including data is not technically or politically available)
  • It’s not meaningful in that it doesn’t touch on BI or University mission
  • Another service group is better equipped to fulfill the request

Gray areas:

  • We do not possess skills required for fulfillment of request (e.g., API as source of ETL, Use of R language)
  • Initially benefits a single campus-based office, but might possibly benefit others later