The University of Tennessee System Administration (UTSA) Business Intelligence platform provides tools for gathering together information from across information systems (IRIS, ANDI, Banner, eVisions, etc.) and from across campuses and institutes within UT.

The Big Picture

Data are born and live in information systems scattered throughout the University of Tennessee system. Finance and HR data are managed in IRIS, a centralized enterprise resource planning system maintained by UTSA. Student data are managed in Banner, a student information system that exists in separate instances at each of the four major campuses. Other functional areas have their data in similar systems.

While these systems are ideal for the processing of data, they are not ideal for reporting data. The problem is that these systems are isolated. We need a place where we can gather all the data from all the information systems and all the campuses into a single location. That location is what we call the Consolidated Data Repository or CDR.


Support decision making by improving the consistency, accuracy, comprehensiveness, timeliness, efficiency and user experience of data delivery.


  • Lack of existing infrastructure for reports and queries that cross the boundaries of individual enterprise systems and the boundaries of individual campuses and institutes
  • Lack of consistency and accuracy in current reporting


  • UTSA IT Services: Develop systems
  • UTSA and campus leaders: Data access and stewardship choices
  • Campus IT and IR offices: Deliver data
  • All departments: Use systems


  • Administered by UTSA-ITS using data center provided by UT Knoxville Office of Information Technology


  • First functionality by Fall 2016
  • Several years to fully implement